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The term e-waste, or electronic waste, refers to out of used electronic and electrical appliances. Therefore, e-recycling implies the process by which e-wastes are recovered and then reprocessed into more useful products. As already mentioned, e-wastes are waste products of electrical and electronic nature.

These range from refrigerators to computers, printers, smartphones, to mention but a few. In this post, we shall delve deeper into the benefits of e-waste recycling and introduce you to one of the leading electronic recycling companies out there.

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The first advantage of recycling electronic waste products is that it enables you to conserve natural resources. This is for the simple reason that when recycling e-waste, recycling companies will not have to look for raw materials elsewhere.

The number of raw materials required to completely reprocess the e-wastes will be less, and that will directly contribute to environmental conservation by reducing the amount of carbon footprint emitted into the atmosphere. Plus, the recycling company also saves immensely on energy costs.

Another reason you might consider putting up your electronic wastes for recycling is that it takes away the health risks posed by such wastes lying about in your home. It is important to remember that e-wastes contain lots of harmful chemicals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium, etc.

These metals may not pose any serious risks when the appliance is still in use. However, when your TV or printer breaks down, the process of moving the wastes could cause these chemicals to leach into the soil, or escape into the atmosphere. As a result, your health, as well as that of other people, animals, and vegetation within your residence, could be affected.

As you probably already know, e-wastes are largely non-biodegradable. So when such wastes find their way into landfills, they may take forever to decompose. The spectacle they create in these landfills is usually very unsightly. Additionally, they use up space that would have otherwise be reclaimed and repurposed for more meaningful ventures.

Last but not least, disposing of your electronic wastes enables you to save crucial and confidential information. Computers, printers, and photocopiers are just some of the electronic appliances that are a treasure trove of information. However, let us emphasize that the information can only be retrieved if you hire professional recyclers with the know-how on how to handle such sensitive data.


Pick Up Services – One of the things that set us above our competitors is the fact that we offer to pick up services. We understand the dangers posed by e-waste products especially when handled by unsuspecting homeowners.

Depending on how the appliance is damaged, you could risk physical injury or even expose yourself to toxic chemicals. You need not worry though, as we offer all manner of junk hauling services. All you have to do is give us a call, and let our professional staff take it up from there.

Many Drop-off Location – Another concern when disposing of electronic wastes is getting to a drop-off location. And it gets even worse for heavier and bulkier appliances. Imagine how much it would cost you in time and money to move a refrigerator or dispensing machine.

Thankfully, that is a concern we understand all too well, which is why we have various drop-off locations in the greater Chicago area. These locations are strategically placed so you would never have to travel miles before finding one near you.

We Handle All Manner of e-Wastes – As your go-to electronic recycling company, it would interest you to know that we handle all manner of electronic wastes. From TV recycling to computer recycling and even phone recycling, no job is too difficult for us. It does not matter how bulky, small or damaged the appliance is, you can always trust us to deliver.

Even better, we handle e-wastes from both residential and commercial areas. From the average home appliances such as televisions and refrigerators to commercial recycling needs that involve heavier business equipment and machinery, we do it all.

Your Data Is Safe With Us – Are you worried about your data finding its way into the hands of third parties? You need not be. While your fears are well-founded, it is important to remember that we have professionally-trained data handlers in our team.

Their job is to extract all the information from your e-wastes, save it and then send it back to you so that nothing is lost or ends up in the wrong hands. Apart from data safety, we also exercise due diligence when removing the wastes from your compounds. This will ensure no spillage of potentially-toxic chemicals.

Are you based in the greater Chicago area and looking for an ideal e-waste recycling company? Look no further than Cincy recycling. Give us a call today at 630-216-0671 and uncover our great e-waste recycling services. You can also bookmark our website at to read more on our amazing offers.

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