Recycling Events

We can host both corporate recycling events & public city events
Chicago Recycling Events
Electronics Recycling Events

Cincy Recycling Benefits: 
Did you know about the landfill ban? Cincy Recycling is one of the only companies who accepts televisions legally and helps convert them into ceramic tile & brick. TV’s must be handled carefully due to Mercury/Lead inside.
For every dollar you pay to have the TV recycled legally and properly, you receive a coupon for the exact amount to be used at our retail store or our services. Whether you choose to use the coupon or not, you are always support the proper recycling of televisions.
Computer repair/Virus Removal
Junk Removal
Local moving help
Document Shredding

Recycling Pick up

We can help your city or business organize an event, Call for more information: (773) 304-4973

Want to set up a pick up service?

Let our team handle all of the secure data destruction and recycling needs. We can assist in pick up as well as on-site hard drive destruction services.